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Le Tero Plus transforme facilement et rapidement vos déchets alimentaires en un fertilisant riche et naturel qui nourrit vos plantes, votre pelouse et votre potager. Il est connecté à une application mobile pour vous offrir une expérience complète grâce à différentes fonctionnalités supplémentaires. Avec le Tero Plus, vous pourrez suivre à distance plusieurs données concernant l'avancement de votre cycle ainsi que votre impact environnemental. En savoir plus.


Tero Plus easily and quickly transforms your food waste into a rich and natural fertilizer that feeds your plants, lawn, and vegetable garden. It is connected to a mobile app to give you a complete experience with different additional features. With the Tero Plus, you will be able to remotely follow several data concerning the progress of your cycle and your environmental impact. Learn more.

An eco-friendly local solution

The technology of the Tero machine easily and quickly transforms your table waste into a natural fertilizer ready for plants, gardens and lawns. Its unique drying and grinding technology is odorless and low noise.

The Tero device is the only product of its kind in the world that is as efficient and fast, so it's an essential solution to reduce our environmental impact.

Dispose of all your food waste

The Tero device recycles up to 95% of food waste, including animal-based products, including leftover fruits and vegetables, eggshells, small poultry and fish bones, dairy products, coffee grounds and tea bag filling.

For more information, please refer to our blog post to know what can and cannot be put in the Tero device.

Fill without making any mess

The elongated shape of the bucket allows food waste to be disposed of directly from a cutting board or conventional plate without causing any mess.

Blends in beautifully

Its compact and elongated shape allows the Tero device to be placed close to the wall, freeing up all the useful space in front of the countertop for cooking.

A bucket for the whole family

The Tero device's bucket can hold up to 4L of food waste, which can hold leftovers of the entire family. A nice compromise for the space it takes on the counter and the quantity of food waste it can hold.

Quiet in your kitchen

The noise emitted by the Tero device when in operation is comparable to a dishwasher. At maximum power, it does not exceed 60 decibels.

Cleans effortlessly

The Tero device’s bucket and blades can easily be removed for cleaning in the dishwasher or by hand. However, it is not necessary to clean the bucket and blades after each use.

An odorless transformation

The Tero device has an airtight lid and included an aeration and odor filtration system. The filter material used is made of activated charcoal, providing a clean and odorless kitchen.

The anti-odor filter needs to be changed 3 to 4 times a year, depending on your daily use of the device.

Fast and automatic

The cycle is automatic and stops when the materials are dry and ready to use. The duration will depend on the quantity and type of food to be processed. On average, it takes 4h to 8h. The drier the food, the shorter the processing cycle and vice versa.

Eliminates pathogens
The Tero device eliminates animal-based pathogens through controlled air input. Your natural fertilizer is therefore stable, without odors or bacteria.

For more details about the fertilizer, please refer to the FAQ .

A natural and quality fertilizer

The natural fertilizer produced by the Tero device can be kept for over a year in an airtight container. You can therefore store it throughout the winter season and use it when summer arrives.
What about traditional compost?

The Tero device uses drying and grinding technology to transform food waste. There is therefore no presence of living microorganisms, unlike traditional compost. The latter develops with the presence of worms and other insects and helps nourish the soil. For its part, Tero natural fertilizer releases its nutrients thanks to the microorganisms already present in the soil, thus promoting the health of the soil and plants.

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